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Funding for the main conference each year as well as the many Regional and Specialized training sessions held throughout the State is obtained through membership dues, conference registration fees and a fund raising company.

The fund raising company, Community Fundraisers, is located in Beaverton and may provide you with phone number (503) 642–1313. If you have any questions or concerns after being contacted by this company on behalf of ONEA, please contact ONEA Secretary/Treasurer Pat O’Connor via email or call us at (503) 410-5068.

Our mailing address is ONEA, P.O. Box 5372, Beaverton, Oregon 97006

FYI, the Executive Secretary is the only paid person within the entire ONEA organization. The rest of us are volunteers. The Executive Secretary’s wages are paid hourly as her hours vary widely from month to month.

In addition to training, some funds received by ONEA are also disbursed as charitable donations to other organizations for drug endangered children throughout the State.


ONEA holds one major narcotic conference a year, the Summer conference in July in the Bend area.

In addition to this main conference, ONEA also puts on and supports regional training throughout the year and other specialized training classes such as Methamphetamine Clandestine Lab classes.

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